50 Years of Medical Excellence and Humane Clinical Care

Alcla is a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Clinic with over 50 years of experience in the field of neurological rehabilitation. It has an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals who, together with humane clinical care, certified medical competence and patient safety management, ensure the most appropriate rehabilitation process.

Its mission and that of the professionals who work at the institution is to provides high complexity rehabilitation focused on the well-being of the patient and his family environment, both to adults, young people and children affected by acquired brain damage, spinal cord injury, neurological diseases (degenerative and tumor) or other disabilities of neurological origin.

A team of professionals made up of physiotherapists, general practitioners, neurologists, pulmonologists, infectious disease specialists, traumatologists, kinesiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, specialized nurses, psychologists, educational psychologists, neuropsychologists and nutritionists, treats patients in a personalized and interdisciplinary manner; diagnosing, analyzing and planning every rehabilitation process as a unique and different stage, thereby preparing a health care and functional program according to the patients’ needs during hospitalization.



In the early 1970’s, Alcla opened its doors to offer quality care to the elderly. In 1993, thanks to its continuous work and patient care, it became a leader in the sector and evolved into a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Medical Center. Thus, in 1995, it broadened its professional scope and introduced specialized care for children.

In 2007 Alcla made the dream of creating FUNDALC come true, a foundation aimed at cooperating in the rehabilitation and recovery of patients in vulnerable situations, in addition to promoting education, teaching and research in the field of rehabilitation.

Through continuous improvement, in 2011 Alcla became the first Rehabilitation Clinic in the country to be ISO 9001 and 14001 certified for all its processes. Another great milestone confirming Alcla’s leadership in patient care and rehabilitation.

Its perseverance towards achieving better and more efficient processes enabled Alcla to acquire the technology necessary to implement a Hospital Management System in 2013.

Alcla’s new major project- currently under development and to be completed in 2019- is to double its infrastructure and capacity, by opening a new clinic that continues to meet the highest quality and technology standards. This new facility will be fully integrated with the original clinic, further expanding the capacity to offer outstanding services.


To provide high complexity rehabilitation focused on the well-being of the patient and his family environment.


To be the leading national and international rehabilitation centre.


To improve people’s quality of life.


  • Team work
  • Diversity
  • Sympathy
  • Professionalism