Commitment to the Community

Fundalc, Alcla’s foundation, was created in 2007 by Mrs. Clara Lutri – Alcla’s founder – with the purpose of cooperating in the recovery and comprehensive rehabilitation of people affected by pathologies or accidents that resulted in organic or functional alterations, producing some kind of disability.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Foundation is continuously working on implementing these three pillars:

Assistance and Support

Solidarity Rehabilitation Program

Alcla offers outpatient rehabilitation treatments to children and adolescents of the City of Buenos Aires who live in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability.


Fundalc promotes actions to raise awareness about the need to create spaces for greater inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. This is reflected by the following initiatives:

  • A collection of stories: “Todos a Jugar”, a children’s narrative proposal by authors Silvana Filadoro and Susana Lopatin, composed of fictional stories that seek to make visible the situation of disabled children and their families.
  • Workshops: “Todos a Jugar”, aims to raise awareness in the educational community about the need to talk about and work on “inclusion”. Thus, through the “Todos a Jugar en la escuela” Workshops Program, teachers and school authorities are provided with concrete tools to address disability issues within schools, using the playful context as a very valuable inclusion space for meaningful learning.
  • “Juguemos Juntos” contest, organized in conjunction with Juguetes Universales, aims to reward the design of innovative and inclusive toys for children with visual, hearing, cognitive, or motor disabilities, or children on the autistic spectrum.


The Scholarship Program seeks to promote the improvement and quality of health services in the community by training new and better professionals.

We invite you to learn about all the foundation’s activities on the Fundalc website.