Contact and Location

How to get to Alcla

by Car

Alcla is located in Nuñez neighborhood, in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA).
There is easy access from GBA (Greater Buenos Aires):
From the north area through Cabildo Ave or Del Libertador Ave.
From the west and south zones, through General Paz exit Cabildo Ave.

By Subway

From Congreso de Tucuman Station Line D, 600 m walking distance along Cabildo Ave and Campos Salles St.

By Bus

From Campos Salles Metrobus Stop, 100 m walking distance along Cabildo Ave on Campos Salles St. The following bus lines run by Metrobus: 19, 21, 59, 60, 71, 130, 133, 152, 161, 168, 184, 203, 314, 365, 41, 29, 57, 68, 151 and 194.

By Train

Mitre railroad branch, from Nuñez station, 450 m walking distance along Mannuela Pedraza St and Vuelta de Obligado St.

Telephone: (5411) 4702 2444

Vuelta de Obligado
Vuelta de Obligado 3165 (C1429AVG), CABA, Argentina

Campos Salles
Campos Salles 2264 (C1429CFF), CABA, Argentina