Frequent Questions

What medical coverages does Alcla work with?

You can access the list of medical coverages (prepaid and social security) by clicking here.

How can a physician refer a patient?

Referrals of patients to Alcla, for all types of neurological scheduled admissions, can be arranged directly by the patient’s physician contacting the Admission Office: on the phone +5411 47022444 or e-mail

Why is a patient referred to a rehabilitation center?

Because as long as there is a criterion of rehabilitation there is a possibility of hospitalization.

When the patient comes out of an acute condition and moves on to a subacute one, with a criterion of recovery, he/she is referred to a rehabilitation center, which has an interdisciplinary team to treat him/her according to the medical requirement.

The Alcla Clinic healthcare model that will address the patient is made up of a team of specialized physicians in the areas of physical medicine and rehabilitation, clinical management and interconsulting physicians in more than 25 medical specialties.

How do you apply for admission?

You can contact the hospitalization and admissions office by phone +5411 4702 2444 or by e-mail

What documentation must be submitted for admission?

We request to send the following documentation to the Institutions Relations office, which will coordinate admission:

– Signed form, with clarification and seal on each of its pages.
– Medical History Summary with pathology, evolution, intercurrent infections and medical indications.
– Results of last swab tests, if any.

What type of rooms are available in Alcla?

There are two types of rooms: single and shared rooms for two people.

Due to the fact that hospitalizations in a rehabilitation center tend to be longer than in an acute care facility, we recommed the shared room for therapeutic reasons. This will be more beneficial for rehabilitation therapy once compatibility between patients and their families is achieved.

The individual room is assigned according to the medical criterion of the referring prepaid medicine, social security or Work Risk Insurance.

An individual room is also provided when patients require special isolation, with charge to the referring entity or because the relative wishes to take over the payment of a different room comfort.

Private hospitalizations at the expense of the family member may be in any type of room unless medical judgement determines admission exclusively in a private room.

What are the visiting hours for hospitalized patients?

Visiting hours are from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., and up to 2 companions per patient may enter the room alternately.

How do you make suggestions, complaints or acknowledgements?

You should communicate by e-mail to the address or through the suggestions/complaints/acknowledgements book that is available at the reception desk of the Clinic.