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Driven by the highest quality and technology standards, in 2019, Alcla opened a second facility on Campos Salles Street, in the City of Buenos Aires, doubling the clinic’s infrastructure and operational bed capacity.

Likewise, and as part of a new positioning phase, Alcla introduced a new corporate brand identity. A new image, which after more than 20 years, today is part of a professional and infrastructural growth that motivates us to continue working to provide the medical excellence and humane clinical care that has distinguished the institution for over 50 years.

Under this premise, Alcla has strived to achieve greater efficiency in care services and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs, continuously improving medical quality, as well as adapting care unit values.

This is the first step of a transformation that will be reflected in all areas of the institution and it is Alcla’s wish that you join us and be part of this new era.

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